Friday, May 23, 2014

A little taste...

Today is friday, I have grand family plans for the weekend with my munchkins so I am in a tremendously happy and playful mood. To go with that mood I decided to post a little teaser on my blog. The following teaser is from chapter one of Prophecy the first book in my in-progress young adult series (destiny's circle). Any infringement, unauthorized sharing, or stealing of the below work will be legally pursued.

At the sound of footsteps approaching, Cat whirled quickly, barely suppressing a scream before realizing the person approaching was the one person she’d been wishing for since first stepping outside with the trash bag.
          “Finn! What are you doing here?!” The whispered words came out in a hiss.
          “Helping you. I’ll explain later. Tell me what’s going on.”
          “I don’t think you’d believe me even if I could figure out how to explain. Just look.” Cat pointed numbly to the window.
           As Finn looked into the living room he sensed the familiar tightening of his muscles, felt his vision narrow and his senses expand in preparation for the fight to come. He patted his right front pocket in order to assure himself his pure silver hunting knife was tucked there as always. The look he turned on Cat was so serious it made her shiver with dread.
          “What’s going on Finn? Why don’t you look surprised that my client’s dog just turned into a full-grown human male before my eyes?”
           Before he could answer, movement caught the corner of his eyes and he turned swiftly to cover Cat’s mouth and pull her down beneath the window, pressing both their bodies tight against the wall.

Inside the home Jinto had stood up, his transformation complete, and walked to peer through the window. His metamorphosis had taken maybe two minutes at most, still it was unusual for the sitter to take this long on such a simple task. He peered out the window to judge her distance from the door. When he didn’t see her he decided she must be on that cell phone of hers. She was no doubt talking to the boy that accompanied her almost everywhere. His task could wait no longer. She would never know that her craving for conversation had saved her own life. Walking to the door, Jinto spun the deadbolt into place then turning, he headed further into the house. He had a job to finish.  

I hope you enjoyed the sneak preview. Comments and constructive criticism are always welcomed. As usual please feel free to follow, recommend, or share this blog with anyone you think may enjoy it or my future works. Thank you all. :)

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