Saturday, March 19, 2016


Shattered, shredded, torn open
Bleeding scarlet all around
You cant see it, blinded as you are
Your ignorance a cloak around you
As you tear open
Another piece of my soul
Your cruel words said kindly
Your dagger made of words disguised as truth
But you are full of lies
And I'm drowning in them

This original poem was written by me in March 2014. Any use or copying of this poem in part or in full without the express written permission of this author is prohibited and will be prosecuted.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Tomorrows Promise

Today I wrote a bit on the Romance novel I've been working on and I realized that  I have yet to share a sneak peek here. So please enjoy this snippet from Chapter two. Any infringement, unauthorized sharing, or stealing of the below work will be legally pursued.

On the way to their table Savannah leaned in to whisper in Kaarina’s ear; “Twelve years of friendship and that grin of his still makes my belly flutter”, which of course was a lie as aside from the first time they met, Nicholai’s grin had never made her belly flutter except for today which was an aberration due solely to lack of sex.
As expected there was a slight hitch in Kaarina’s stride before she smiled at Savannah and said “Really?” in a strained voice.
“No, not really. This is where you’re supposed to tell me to back off and explain the smoldering love-struck puppy looks you were throwing at him back there.” A look of panic crossed Kaarina’s face.
“Oh no, you caught that? If you caught that then he must have caught that, I can never show my face in here again.”
“What are you talking about? Of course you can show your face. Rinna, I thought the two of you had started something without telling me. The looks he was giving you back weren’t exactly little sister type looks if you get my meaning. So if he did notice he sure as heck didn’t mind.” Savannah bumped Kaarina’s ribs with her elbow, “Go for it.”
“Are you insane?! This is Nicholai we’re talking about. That man has broken the hearts of more women with just a look than I will ever meet in the course of my life. We’re talking gorgeous women that I could never compete with. Not to mention we’ve been friends for 9 years, why would I want to be stupid and ruin that?”
“First, why would it have to ruin anything? Second, if you ever down play the gorgeous pixie-looks of my best friend again I’m taking you in the back alley and teaching you a lesson,” She smiled and winked but Kaarinna’s return smile didn’t reach her eyes. “Rinna, why are you stressing? You guys have been friends forever have you ever thought how much more awesome that could make your relationship?”

“Until things end, which they’re bound to do, I mean this is Nicholai. Then the friendship is over and that would change so many things and none of them in a good way. Is that really worth the risk for a quick roll in the hay?”
“Honey, nothing about that boy would be quick in bed.” Savannah gave her trademark bedroom smirk, the one capable of turning men into puddles of lustful jelly in the mere blink of an eye but when it didn’t penetrate Kaarina’s gloom she sighed, “Rinna look at me. Stop being a rabbit. You’re both adults capable of setting ground rules to keep from ruining the friendship. If you continue to moon over him but do nothing about it you’re going to end up changing the dynamics of the relationship anyway. It’s better for those dynamics to change on your own terms and in a way that could prove to be purely positive, don’t you think?”
“You have a point”, Kaarina’s smile was brilliantly happy, “When did you get so smart?”
“Chad.” It had been a mistake to mention him but the name rolled off of her tongue before she could hold it back. An instant tension settled over the table like a net. Savannah sighed, “And there goes the happy mood. Sorry.”
“You need to find him.” At Kaarina’s matter of fact statement Savannahs jaw dropped open in shock.
“I need to what? Are you insane?!? You do remember that this is the man that crushed my heart into dust then picked up that dust and threw it into a blender for good measure before pouring it onto the floor and walking through it, right? You want me to invite that selfish, self-serving, lying, heart-crushing, dream-stealing jerk back into my life? Have you been taking drugs?” With each sentence Savannahs voice had gotten louder and louder until the eye of every cafĂ© patron was on her table, listening to every word.
Kaarina cleared her throat and nodded her head meaningfully at the crowd of people behind Savannah. “I think we should finish talking about this elsewhere, after we finish our food.”
Nicholai conveniently picked that moment to drop by the table with lattes, pastries and cheesecakes. “Ladies, I trust you’ll find the fare delectable as always.” He leaned in and whispered, “He’s not worth holding on to hun, Rinna has a point,” before walking back behind the counter.
“You’re both nuts. I’ve surrounded myself with lunatics.” Savannah shook her head and then turned to address the crowd that was watching the drama unfold with glee in their eyes.  Rinna could do nothing but bury her head in her hands, knowing all too well what was about to happen. “I have a scenario for everyone and I desperately need your input when I’m done. I want all of you to put yourself into the place of the girl in the story and then give me your honest opinion afterwards.  An 18 year old girl falls in love with a 20 year old boy. The boy is wild and broody, sweet and romantic, lonely and tough, everything an 18 year old girl can’t help but tumble head over heels for.  They date for 16 months before the boy gets down on one knee and asks the girl to marry him. This day is the best day of this girls life who at that moment gives her whole heart willingly into the boys hands as she enthusiastically agrees to be his wife. Two months later her world tumbles drastically when a mutual friend tells her that she heard the boy was moving and she was sorry to hear of their breakup. The girl calls the boy to confirm that the friend was mistaken only to learn that the friend was correct, the boy was moving and in fact would leave at six am the following morning. To top it all off he admits that he had no intention of ever telling her. Does anyone in this room think that 11 years later that girl should willingly and deliberately seek that boy out to find him and let him back into her life?”
“Only if she plans to give him a swift kick in the balls.” The shouted reply came from an elderly woman with blue-white hair and bright pink lipstick. She had shaken her fists for emphasis while talking which pulled a reluctant laugh from Savannah as well as the other patrons.
“I say find him, take him back, rock his world and then crush his heart just as thoroughly as he crushed yours. You can only enact this plan if you aren’t still in love with him though.” The sexy redhead smiled saucily as she explained her plan.
“Can I just hire you to do that for me?” Savannah wondered honestly as the redhead let out a bawdy laugh.
 “I understand why revenge might be enjoyable but has anyone ever considered he might have a reason for what he did?” The question came from a long, lanky stranger with a voice like coffee; both rich and bitter. For a moment Savannah’s heart stopped as she thought it might be Chad himself.
“I agree with my nana,” A girl of about 16 replied, “what has he done in the 11 years since to deserve a second chance?”
The Stranger turned his head to look at the girl and recognition flashed in Savannahs eyes. “Yes, Noah please explain, just what has your brother done to earn redemption?”
Noah hung his head guiltily as he shrugged his shoulders and held his hands, palms up, in an ‘I surrender’ gesture. “Caught me. How have you been Savannah, it’s been a long time.”
“Seriously?! You come in to my favorite eatery, what‘re you doing in here anyway - last I heard you’d moved to Texas - defend your brothers deplorable actions and then ask me how I’ve been in that easy going drawl of yours? I’ve been great Noah, just peachy keen. I do have something for your brother that I’ve been meaning to give to him for 11 years now though, maybe you could pass it on for me?” Before Noah could so much as utter a reply Savannah reared back and slugged him in the solar plexus with every ounce of strength and temper she possessed. As Noah doubled over, gasping for breath, Savannah spun on her heels and strode angrily out the door Kaarina hurrying after her.

Saturday, October 4, 2014


What is love?
To Give?
To Care?
To open your heart up?
To learn how to share?
To keep no secrets?
To play no games?
To open your soul?
Push all others away?
Then maybe I have never loved,
Never felt the hands of endless time,
Never heard the whisper of "Please wont you be mine".
But my heart has ached in sorrow,
My eyes have been red with tears,
I have longed to stop tomorrow,
And kissed away anothers fears.
I have been willing to give my life up, to take anothers place,
Have had the day feel brighter
At the memory of your face.
So maybe I have not felt your love,
Nor understood the tears you've cried.
Maybe my way is different,
Maybe love's just a lie.
My heart knows what it's feeling,
My soul knows that I'm true,
Ever since the day we met,
My minds been filled with you.
While I'm not good at talking,
Or giving up my soul,
I'd give my life if you asked it,
Because that's what love is for.

Original poem Written by me in 1999.
This work is protected and any use of it, in part or in full, without the express written permission of the author is prohibited. 

Monday, May 26, 2014

Glossary of Monsters

I have been lucky in this endeavor of writing my first young-adult book to have the input, encouragement and sometimes berating of my three oldest children. They have offered numerous ideas as well as the creation of some of the "monsters" the chosen circle will be facing. Since the "monsters" they created are not from traditional lore and also since I've tweaked the lore of some of my "traditional" monsters in this series, I thought it might be helpful to put together a glossary for everyone who may be curious. Please note that this glossary is complete for right now, but at any point during the series other monsters that are not in this glossary may be created or show up in future books, I shall try to update accordingly but cant make any promises. Should I add this glossary to the end of each book in the series, yay or nay? Please comment and let me know.

WHO/WHAT: mother of all monsters, she feeds off the blood and negative emotions of humans
STRENGTHS: has mind control powers, can turn any human into a monster of her choosing (existing or new) through touch and her will. Exceptionally strong and quick, fast healing powers. 
WEAKNESSES: Daylight, pure hearts, pure clean white magic
HOW TO KILL: can only be killed by a special sword forged by sorcerers on Thaeron 
WHO /WHAT: slug-like monster that eats humans
STRENGTHS: excessively strong and quick 
WEAKNESSES: positive feelings
HOW TO KILL: beheading which can only be done when in a weakened state
WHO/WHAT: tall (7+ feet), gray skin, black eyes, thin. These creatures possess a shiny, tough nearly impenetrable exoskeleton, long sharp claws and large mouths. 
STRENGTHS: Exoskeleton & a piercing scream that temporarily paralyzes victims (and anyone in the vicinity) before they kill them
WEAKNESSES: Light blinds them. 
HOW TO KILL: Must use their own or anothers shreiker claw (can be cut off at second knuckle, its their only weak point)to wound them (any wound that would be considered life-threatening to humans would be life-threatening to these creatures) it is the only thing sharp/strong enough to pierce their exoskeleton.
WHO/WHAT: Viroren look like humans except they are exceedingly tall (7-8 ft) and they have a different gait with feet sideways and a secondary mouth with a long tongue that comes out of their human mouth right as they are about to eat their prey (young children) They also turn a red color when they have caught the scent of the prey they are "hunting"
STRENGTHS: Can teleport short distances to easily catch their prey
WEAKNESSES: slow, when walking. salt repels and in large amounts can kill- it burns them like holy water on a vamp.
HOW TO KILL: Large amounts of salt, salt-water, silver bullet through the head or beheading with a silver knife
WHO/WHAT: unnaturally beautiful, undead humans. You must be bitten, mostly drained and then drink from a vampire to be turned.  Bites from a vampire can cause a link to form which allows vampire mind control over the bitten. Bites must be cleansed with holy water to sever the link (which burns and causes victim immense pain.)  
STRENGTHS: super speed, super strength, sharp fangs, thrall powers, advanced healing. 
WEAKNESSES: Holy water and the sun burn them.  Must have an invite to enter a building or sanctum (can force one using thrall). Invites can never be rescinded. Cannot step foot on sanctified ground.
HOW TO KILL: burning (with fire) or beheading. 
WHO/WHAT: Shifters can change into any living thing. They don’t have to kill to change, they only have to touch who/what they want to become.
STRENGTHS: Shifters are undetectable until they begin to shed their skin to shift or are touched by silver (it burns). They get the memories of creature they change into to more easily fool their intended targets. 
WEAKNESSES: Pure Silver burns. 
HOW TO KILL: silver bullet through head or heart, silver knife/sword through heart, beheading by silver knife/sword
WHO/WHAT: can be wolves, leopards, tigers, lions or coyotes (cannot switch out amongst them- bitten will become same animal as that they were bitten by). Their powers weaken or strengthen according to the cycle of the moon. Older creatures can control their change and their hunger, younger cannot.
STRENGTHS: Super strong, super fast in both forms. Have the power and speed and jaws of their animal counterpart when changed. A bite from them infects the person bitten and turns them into a werecreature. A scratch from one  allows the wercreature a control over the scratched. Scratches must be doused in colloidal silver to cleanse to prevent a control link. Nothing can prevent a bitten from turning. 
HOW TO KILL: Pure silver bullet to head or heart. Pure silver weapon through heart, or beheading by pure silver weapon.
Ghosts/poltergeists/vengeful spirits
WHO/WHAT: souls or energy left behind by the dead- most often from those who died unexpectedly or violently.
STRENGTHS: can become invisible, super fast, non-corporeal so cannot be physically harmed.
WEAKNESSES: they are repelled by salt and iron. A salt circle can temporarily protect you.
HOW TO KILL: can only be killed if bones of their original body are salted and burned. Can sometimes attach to an object, if so that object must be salted and burned.
WHO/WHAT: Beautiful females that feed on the demise of males, her wailing signals demise to males and suffering to females that hear it.
STRENGTHS: unnatural beauty that entraps and casts a spell over every man that sees or hears her. Ability to teleport when threatened.
WEAKNESSES: Banshees can be repelled by iron. 

HOW TO KILL: can only be killed by beheading, body and head must be buried separately or Banshee will regenerate.
Black witches

WHO/WHAT: Humans with powers. Some are natural-born magic wielders who have turned dark. Others are humans who have sold their souls for the powers and get their powers from evil sources. 
STRENGTHS: Depend on the element they wield and the power level of their magics.
WEAKNESSES: Can be repelled by magic from a stronger white witch. Should not battle black witches unless you have white witch magic to use as protection. 
HOW TO KILL: Witches can die by any means humans can but you must take care not to allow them to heal themselves before death claims them.
WHAT/WHO: Spawns of banshee-demon mating that look like children except for their eyes which glow in the dark. They feed off of your life force and then lead you to the nearest quickest death once they no longer need you.
STRENGTHS: They can use mind manipulation on you and can read your own mind. They possess great speed and flexibility.

WEAKNESSES: If you learn their true name you have control over them. They are small and weak like children.
HOW TO KILL: Can only be killed by a holy knife forged from blessed stone or a pure silver knife blessed in holy water by a high priest of Thaeron.

WHO/WHAT:  very old Spirits (200 years or more) that died violently in the house/building They inhabit. Over the years they become so attached to the building that they eventually became part of it. They live in the walls/floor/ceiling and can only partially reach out (top half of body) to grab people and pull them into the walls leaving a nasty bloodstain.  The spirit of the person killed by being pulled into the walls by a cruiser/waller will be trapped inside the walls and become a cruiser/waller.
STRENGTHS:  you cant see them until they grab you, they can be in multiple walls at once, no warning.
WEAKNESSES: trapped in the home that they are a part of – cannot leave it. If shot with rock salt in time they will let go of the victim they grabbed.

HOW TO KILL: Burn down the house. They cannot be killed or wounded any other way.
Common Demons:
Humans who have been possessed by souls sent to hell. They are often found in association with black witches.
STRENGTHS: Wicked strong, fast reflexes, teleportation ability, older demons also sometimes have telekinetic and telepathy abilities. They are immortal for all normal means of death though their human vessel can and will die from mortal wounds inflicted once the possession ends.

WEAKNESSES: Devils traps symbols can be used to trap a demon. Salt at the windows and doors can keep them from entering a room or home. Devils bane above the door combined with salt can keep their hell hound minions out. They cannot come to holy places or sanctified ground.  Demons can be repelled by holy water, salt and certain symbols. 
HOW TO KILL/VANQUISH: Can only be vanquished through exorcism which releases the human from possession but does not kill the demon spirit- sends it back to hell where it is free to later possess someone else. They can be killed through the use of the de’lichtae (special dagger infused with preternatural powers by the first sorcerer-hunter of Thaeron). De’lichtae kills the demon but it also kills the human possessed by the demon. Demons can be repelled by holy water, salt and certain symbols. 
Ancient Demons:
WHO/WHAT: The original inhabitors of hell- not human spirits turned demon. They come in many shapes and sizes, most have horns and hooves in their natural form but all can appear to humans as human for short amounts of time in dreams, when summoned through rituals or by entering through an inter-dimensional portal. 
STRENGTHS: Extremely powerful not only in physical strength but in magical and extra-sensory abilities as well.
WEAKNESSES: being on holy or sanctified ground burns painfully but not enough to kill them or stop them from entering. No other weaknesses.
HOW TO KILL/VANQUISH: An Ancient Demon cannot be vanquished except through use of certain spells to open an interdimensional portal and banish them through it back to their hell dimension. The only way to kill a Demon is by stabbing it's true form through the heart or beheading it's true form with the De'lichtae, both of which are extremely difficult to do.

Friday, May 23, 2014

A little taste...

Today is friday, I have grand family plans for the weekend with my munchkins so I am in a tremendously happy and playful mood. To go with that mood I decided to post a little teaser on my blog. The following teaser is from chapter one of Prophecy the first book in my in-progress young adult series (destiny's circle). Any infringement, unauthorized sharing, or stealing of the below work will be legally pursued.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

I'm a Published Author

Hearing those words aloud is so strange to me. For years I've been able to say I'm an "aspiring author", I "want to be" an author, I "write in my spare time", etc... And now, finally when people say "what do you do?" I can reply with "I'm an author of childrens books."

One day I'd like to be able to reply with "I'm an author of children and Young Adult books" but first I have to finish and publish "Prophecy" book one in the Destiny's circle series. I'm hoping to have it done by summer 2015 at the latest but we'll see how it goes. And then, later yet, one day I'd like to be able to say "I'm an author of childrens, young adult and romance books." But it all will come in time and i need to just keep writing and continue to be patient.

I published my first book this week and even though it's only self-publishing and it's currently only available through kindle it is still such a heady and wondrous feeling to have a book out there for other people to buy, read, enjoy. It's been my lifes dream and now, finally, here I am realizing it. I keep pinching myself to make sure I'm not dreaming.

The Princess Avril series is on it's way. Book one "The Pink Princess & The Friendship Picnic" is available now HERE and book two in the series "The Pink Princess Gets Lost" will be available Friday June 13th. Look for the third book to come out some time in mid-late July or possibly early August. I also have a Prince series currently in progress that will be out by the end of 2014 or beginning of 2015 so check back here frequently for more updates.

I want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH to anyone and everyone who has supported me in this journey, believed in me, proof-read any of my books currently published or not, purchased or have plans to purchase any of the pink princess, emerald prince, or young adult books, and also to anyone who reads or shares this blog, or who has liked and/or shared my author page. I couldn't be doing what I love without all of you, thank you for helping me make my dreams come true.

Thursday, March 21, 2013


I've been writing since I was 10, poems, short story's, little blurbs, song lyrics, etc. My imagination is vast and limitless and I find my mind making up stories constantly, it's never silent: driving in the car alone and I'm conversing with myself, a conversation between characters in a book in-progress, staging scenes for books I haven't even come up with yet, deciphering the lives of the people walking across the crosswalk in front of me, etc etc. For the past 15 or so years I've had various hand-written stories in varying stages of progress lying around, started but never finished, random staged scenes with nothing else written around them, etc. About a year ago I finally decided to bite the bullet and start on "Tomorrows Promise", a Romance book I've had in the works for over 10 years now, though I had lost most of the notebooks with the ideas, scenes and some chapters written in them I decided to sit my butt down and get working. I'm on chapter 6 and the book is temporarily on hiatus while I work on "Prophecy" though I hope to get back to it soon.

But back to the point, through the years I have stashed my work in various hard copy and online places, mostly poems and little teasers but thinking today I decided that there was no better place to put those things than here, in my authors blog so that those who are interested in my writing can get a tease, oops I meant taste of my writing style. ;) Without further ado here's a short romance-genre blurb I wrote about 6 years ago.

The tears slide a slow, sad trail down her cheek to drip off her chin, her heart is breaking. She can feel it crack and bleed, can hear the echoing hollowness of each beat even as she knows this is what she has to do.
How did she get here, to this dark and hollow place? She'd had a plan. If only she'd followed the simple rules she'd set for herself; don't date, don't fall in love, don't get attached. And when she'd started to fall what had she told herself? Break it off now, break it off clean before someone gets hurt. But had she listened to herself? Oh no, she'd given it a half-assed try but she'd let him talk her out of it. Why? Because she hadn't wanted to leave him, hadn't wanted to end things, hadn't wanted to live without him.
He made her wish, made her dream, made her believe that for once it was possible for her to actually find and keep happiness. Believing that was dangerous because that was a lie. 
She couldn't keep him happy, couldn't be what he needed, she knew this. Knew it with a certainity that defied logic, and that was why she had to let him go.
He thought he knew what he was getting into, but he didn't. He thought he understood what he'd be giving up, but he couldn't. She did though, she knew, and she couldn't let him do it. What kind of a person would she be if she let him trap himself that way? Let him tie himself to her with all her baggage knowing that one day he'd regret it? 
She couldn't do it, she'd break her own heart a hundred times before letting him ruin his life over her. No. She'd let him go. She'd treasure the time they'd had together. Treasure every memory, every phone call, but there would be no new ones. Their time together was at an end. It was for the best. He'd move on, find someone he deserved who deserved him and she'd know that she'd done the right thing for him. 
Maybe one day she'd stop loving him, until then she'd just go on.