Thursday, March 21, 2013


I've been writing since I was 10, poems, short story's, little blurbs, song lyrics, etc. My imagination is vast and limitless and I find my mind making up stories constantly, it's never silent: driving in the car alone and I'm conversing with myself, a conversation between characters in a book in-progress, staging scenes for books I haven't even come up with yet, deciphering the lives of the people walking across the crosswalk in front of me, etc etc. For the past 15 or so years I've had various hand-written stories in varying stages of progress lying around, started but never finished, random staged scenes with nothing else written around them, etc. About a year ago I finally decided to bite the bullet and start on "Tomorrows Promise", a Romance book I've had in the works for over 10 years now, though I had lost most of the notebooks with the ideas, scenes and some chapters written in them I decided to sit my butt down and get working. I'm on chapter 6 and the book is temporarily on hiatus while I work on "Prophecy" though I hope to get back to it soon.

But back to the point, through the years I have stashed my work in various hard copy and online places, mostly poems and little teasers but thinking today I decided that there was no better place to put those things than here, in my authors blog so that those who are interested in my writing can get a tease, oops I meant taste of my writing style. ;) Without further ado here's a short romance-genre blurb I wrote about 6 years ago.

The tears slide a slow, sad trail down her cheek to drip off her chin, her heart is breaking. She can feel it crack and bleed, can hear the echoing hollowness of each beat even as she knows this is what she has to do.
How did she get here, to this dark and hollow place? She'd had a plan. If only she'd followed the simple rules she'd set for herself; don't date, don't fall in love, don't get attached. And when she'd started to fall what had she told herself? Break it off now, break it off clean before someone gets hurt. But had she listened to herself? Oh no, she'd given it a half-assed try but she'd let him talk her out of it. Why? Because she hadn't wanted to leave him, hadn't wanted to end things, hadn't wanted to live without him.
He made her wish, made her dream, made her believe that for once it was possible for her to actually find and keep happiness. Believing that was dangerous because that was a lie. 
She couldn't keep him happy, couldn't be what he needed, she knew this. Knew it with a certainity that defied logic, and that was why she had to let him go.
He thought he knew what he was getting into, but he didn't. He thought he understood what he'd be giving up, but he couldn't. She did though, she knew, and she couldn't let him do it. What kind of a person would she be if she let him trap himself that way? Let him tie himself to her with all her baggage knowing that one day he'd regret it? 
She couldn't do it, she'd break her own heart a hundred times before letting him ruin his life over her. No. She'd let him go. She'd treasure the time they'd had together. Treasure every memory, every phone call, but there would be no new ones. Their time together was at an end. It was for the best. He'd move on, find someone he deserved who deserved him and she'd know that she'd done the right thing for him. 
Maybe one day she'd stop loving him, until then she'd just go on.

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