Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I'm a mother... of five.... Yes, you heard me correctly, no that's not a typo. So for as long as I can remember (My oldest will be 15 in a few months) I have always made up random stories off the top of my head for my children, sometimes as bedtime stories and sometimes just randomly for the heck of it. The tragedy is that although some of those stories were phenomenal from the point-of-view of a child, I never thought to write any of them down and have since forgotten them.

My youngest child was an unexpected blessing and at 3 years of age is very into mommy's made up stories about the princess with her own name. The other day as shes telling her Daddy all about the princess's adventures of that day he gives me the look, you know the one; the wry twisted half-grin with the single raised eyebrow that smug over-confident, I-know-better-than-you look that all men possess though they don't all express it in exactly the same way.

"I hope you're writing all these down" He says.
And I have a "DOH!" moment, like why didn't I think of that, do you know how many hundreds of stories are lost just floating down the soundwaves of time never to be heard again? And all because 15 years ago I wasn't smart enough to write down the stories to be read and remembered in our family for each generation. Fortunately future stories will be preserved.

And that is how the "Pink Princess Adventures" were born. I have a notebook that I am painstakingly recalling and writing all the stories in. Once complete My oldest daughter and I will begin illustrating and then I will begin the painstaking process of getting them published in both digital and book form. So for those of you with toddler girls who love princesses and the color pink keep a look out in the next year for those adventures to pop up. :) The best thing about them? I'm thinking of making them more personalized, one of the best things about them for my toddler is that the princess bares her name so I think making them name-personalized to the princess receiving them would be a great idea. What do you all think? Should I fight for personalization or should I just forget the extra time and make it a generic-named princess?

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