Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Perseverance Pays Off...

After 8 hours yesterday and 2 today I have finally finished not only my first fight scene EVER but also chapter 3 in the young adult book I am currently writing. This book is a new adventure for me, not only does it take me far from my normal short-story and in-progress genre of romance but it's also part of a 6 book series if all goes well. A bit ambitious for the first project I am truly determined to finish all the way through, don't you think?

For those interested the series will be called "Destiny's Circle" and Book one is titled: Prophecy. The series takes place between two worlds, Earth and Thaeron. Thaeron is a world of magic and the origin of all magical creatures, thousands of years ago they learned to travel through time and space and some came to earth for peace from the war between the monsters and the citizens of Thaeron. Soon enough the monsters began coming to Earth as well, then an oracle prophesied the end of the war and the death of Dramora (the mother of all monsters), A Thaeron native strong in spirit, young in age and brave of heart would lead a group of 6 talented mortals destined for this duty and greatness. Together these 7 would lead the war and only they possess the knowledge and power to end Dramora. Now Dramora hunts the group here on earth, determined to stop the prophecy before it can be fulfilled. Each book is a story of one of the 6 found and trained by Finn. Each of the 6 possess their own unique powers and talents. I hope you'll enjoy their stories and their adventure.

- Shell

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